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in contrast to other devices there is

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rechargeable batteries that are



After our 5 years warranty we offer

an repair service.


Innovative communication and guidance systems for cruises

A cruise is a convenient and versatile experience for travelers. This includes day trips or sightseeing from the ship. For guided tours or the transmission of information innovative systems like the Multimedia Guide MEDER SmartGuide or the Travel Guide System from MEDER CommTech are indispensible. This ensures that customers understand the city guide's reports well and that even larger groups hear everything even in the case of loud ambient noise. The technology enables high-quality analog or digital voice transmission with a range of up to 200 meters. The group size does
not matter. Even hearing impaired people can easily follow any guide. In addition, the systems offer a long operation time of up to 35 hours.

With the MEDER Smart Guide not only classic tours are possible. The travelers could also receive interactive information such as maps and the like. The many possibilities of an Multimedia Guide for cruises include classical group guidings (Group Guide System), the Audio Guide System for independent exploration of cities, sightseeings or museums as well as the Visual Guide System for the visual accompaniment of a guided tour.

Cruising with an international audience, in particular, requires a system that includes multiple languages, relieves the crew and city guides, and provides easy and intuitive operation. The radio-controlled and convenient communication of the MEDER CommTech guidance systems is therefore perfect for any cruise. The systems have proven themselves in practice thanks to our long experience in this sector and our own manufacturing in Germany.

Advantages of the guidance systems on a cruise

On cruises, the travelers especially appreciate the day trips ashore. Thanks to the innovative management systems, important information about the destination can be easily transmitted. It is interesting that this way all passengers are equally reached. Depending on the audience, the automatic guide systems can be adapted to the required languages. This allows an authentic and flexible design of the leadership. The same applies to sights that can be seen on board. Coastal cruises or a cruise on rivers become a varied experience. With our Multimedia Guides Smart Guide or our Travel Guide from MEDER CommTech in addition, a practical all-round communication with the guests is possible, because the crew can also pass on information about schedules, events, menus or the like conveniently. The travelers also have the opportunity to choose individual settings.

Here, the combination of video and audio recordings has proven itself. On the one hand, the guide can control the system on a cruise, but guests can also explore the city or the sights on their own. MEDER CommTech is a competent partner and leader in cruise control systems.

The Multimedia Guide from MEDER CommTech, MEDER SmartGuide Made in Germany“, is ideal for guided tours on land or on water. With the innovative systems, communication and understanding problems remain. The crew reaches the passengers at any time comfortably and directly and can convey important information. This considerably reduces the technical as well as the organizational effort.

Last but not least, guided city tours or reports about sights or excursion destinations are much more vivid and professional. The guests can easily follow the explanations in any desired language without having to be in the direct vicinity of the guide.

Are you interested in Multimedia Guide for cruisings? The Team from MEDER CommTech is happy to be there for you.