Guided tour with MEDER Tour Guide System

Headset for city tours

City tour / Bustouristik

Guided city tours with technology from MEDER CommTech

Make your guided city tour to an unforgettable experience for your customers with our group guiding systems. Especially group travel providers are able to gain an immense advantage through the differentiation of your included services while using a TourGuide System.

The best and fastest way to get a compact overview of a city is certainly the city tour. Not only mobility matters, but also a smooth and interesting exchange of information. MEDER CommTech specializes in communication technology products such as TourGuide systems, multimedia guides and much more. specialized and therefore offers various systems to successfully conduct city tours. In the following paragraphs, we will show you the possibilities for interactive city tours.



Why MEDER Tour Guide Systems?

Rely on the No. 1 

   of sound quality !               

Only if the sound quality fits, 

the investment fulfills its purpose

to raise the satisfaction of 

your visitors.


  Individual Solutions        

Are possible regarding Software, devices

and charging possibilities

•  We are the manufacturer!

Our products are in-house developments

„Everything from one Partner“.


  Made in Germany

with 5 Years Warranty!

„Contains what it says“

Our products are manufactured

in our production in Singen am

Hohentwiel in Germany.

•  Cheap exchange of the

    rechargeable batterie!

Due to the usage of

commercial rechargeable batteries

in contrast to other devices there is

no need of rebuying special

rechargeable batteries that are



After our 5 years warranty we offer

an repair service.

Suitable for cities of all sizes

A guided tour through the city will show you the various advantages of a city and introduce the city in general. The idea that a city is perhaps too small or does not offer enough attractions is the wrong approach here. In every city there are aspects that need to be pointed out, otherwise there
would be no interest in appropriate guided tours. Historical aspects can also be incorporated into the city tour as an interactive point. Guided tours through the city, for example, can be combined with factory tours to refer to suppliers or preferences of the location in general. This gives companies the opportunity to introduce themselves as an interesting employer to potential employees or to build more identification with the brand. Guided city tours supported by our technology, however, are generally accessible to a wide range of participants. If the tour through the city is to be used as a leisure activity, this is just as possible as to guide selected business customers to give them a picture of the city and the region.

Two systems are available

A special highlight for city tours is our Multimedia Guide: SmartGuide. Above all, the independent and self-guided tours are to be seen as an innovative approach, enabling completely new experiences using GPS-based data transmission. Participants can choose freely with the headsets for guided tours, which attractions are visited when and how. The information is then transmitted visual and audible and is therefore complete. The SmartGuide system stands out for another reason. The decisive reason for this is that there are innumerable possibilities for individualization and that classical group tours can also be carried out with the system. A compact system for pure audio communication is the TravelGuide system. Group tours are so easily possible and the communication is considerably promoted. Poorly hearable city guides or disinterested guests are no longer a problem. Performing several tours at the same time is easily possible due to the up to 5 different channels even within a narrow radius. And also hearing-impaired persons are considered and can easily make the appropriate settings.

Usage of tour guide systems in the bus

Buses continue to be considered as a suitable instrument for city tours in large groups. Thanks to the high position on the bus, the participants have a great overview and are still flexible. During the journey, information is passed on to the participants of the tour as well as to attractions. The flawless communication is important here and is ensured thanks to the products from MEDER CommTech. So that it does not come to the loss of individual devices and these are always sufficiently loaded, we offer you to integrate the charging station into the bus. Corresponding custom-made products are then tailored to fit the bus.

Rental of Tour Guide System/ Travel Guide System

Guided tours through the city has often only an seasonal demand. For these cases the rental of our  headsets for tour guides is possible. This gets especially important when you have suddenly  a unexpected group size. Then you can expand your inventory on devices accordingly for this timeframe. With a Europe-wide delivery, the possibilities are almost unlimited.


City tours are a great way to convey aspects of a city or region. Thanks to the technology of MEDER CommTech, city tours will become much more interesting in the future and information can be exchanged completely and in an understandable way. The city tour is suitable for cities of all sizes. MEDER CommTech offers appropriate equipment tailored to your individual needs.