MEDER Tour Guide System at Mercedes Benz Museum

TourGuide System for factory tours

With our Tour Guide System, communication difficulties during the factory tour are a thing of the past. 


Make sure all your visitors, customers and business associates understand your explanations clearly, with an unlimited group size. With our Tour Guide System, each participant can adjust their volume individually and understands everything clearly. The flow of information is always guaranteed, regardless of the distance to the guide and possibly existing background noise. The transmitter has a special function that detects and filters out unwanted noise, ensuring a clear voice output.




Why MEDER Tour Guide Systems?

Rely on the No. 1 

   of sound quality !               

Only if the sound quality fits, 

the investment fulfills its purpose

to raise the satisfaction of 

your visitors.


  Individual Solutions        

Are possible regarding Software, devices

and charging possibilities

•  We are the manufacturer!

Our products are in-house developments

„Everything from one Partner“.


  Made in Germany

with 5 Years Warranty!

„Contains what it says“

Our products are manufactured

in our production in Singen am

Hohentwiel in Germany.

•  Cheap exchange of the

    rechargeable batterie!

Due to the usage of

commercial rechargeable batteries

in contrast to other devices there is

no need of rebuying special

rechargeable batteries that are



After our 5 years warranty we offer

an repair service.

Tour Guide System transmitter and receiver
Tour Guide System transmitter and receiver
Brand your Tour Guide System


Special functions:

  • Remote channel definition of the Tour Guide System receivers via Infrared
  • Key lock function for the Tour Guide System receivers to avoid unwanted switching of the channels
  • Noise sensitivity level can be chosen to filter out background noises


Your advantages:

  • Outstanding voice transmission quality
  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • Operating range up to 200m
  • No miscommunication and no need to raise the voice - even in loud background
  • Up to 30 channels can be used simultaneous
  • Unlimited group sizes
  • Analogue or digital voice transmission
  • Suitable for hearing impaired with our mono earphone or our induction loop
  • High wearing comfort
  • Operating time of up to 35 hours
  • Usable with batteries or rechargeable batteries


TourGuide System

  • 15 channels
  • frequency range 863 - 865 MHz
  • Europe-wide usability
  • Mignon AA batteries
  • rechargeable batteries (NiMH)


TourGuide System plus

  • 30 channels
  • frequency range 823 - 829 MHz
  • Germany-wide
  • Mignon AA batteries
  • rechargeable batteries (NiMH)



You have the choice between the battery or rechargeable battery version (each with a operating time of up to 35 hours). In the case of the battery version, we provide you with robust and handy storage cases for 20 or 30 devices including accessories. In the case of rechargeable batteries, you have acolorful choice between mobile and stationary charging options. 


More information about our earphones, Headsets, charging- and storage cases can be found at Accessories. Individualization of the devices to your Corporate Identity is possible.



We will gladly prepare an individual offer according to your conditions,
give you an on-site product presentation of our tour guide systems and / or leave you our tour guide system for a free trial.





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Tour Guide System transmitter

MEDER Tour Guide System transmitter
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Tour Guide System receiver

MEDER Tour Guide System receiver
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