MEDER Tour Guide System at Mercedes Benz Museum

Multimedia Guide: Smart Guide

Multimedia Guide: MEDER SmartGuide

MULTIMEDIA GUIDE - the all-rounder of guiding systems


Manual or automatic playback of text, video, picture or audio information.

Our multimedia guide makes it possible!


The Multimedia Guide, MEDER SmartGuide, combines innovative technology with a modrn design. From now on, you can not only offer the participants of your factory tours the classic guided tour. With the help of "virtual reality tours", your customers can, for example, gain insight into hidden production processes or start self-exploration tours in cities using an interactive map. Visual support for your guided tours are just a few of the many options which are available for you with the Multimedia Guide: MEDER SmartGuide.


Especially in museums, multimedia guides are a major trend. More and more museums are using a multimedia guide to convey the contents of the exhibition to their visitors, as well as giving individual visitors the opportunity to receive all the information a group receives on a guided tour. The texts have to be recorded only once and can then be played automatically via GPS or ibeacon at the corresponding position.


We are happy to show you the wide range of advantages offered by our Multimedia Guide: SmartGuide. Do not hesitate to contact us any time.




We do not only supply you with the hardware but also develop your app with our own software developers if required!

So you get everything from one source and we accompany you from A to Z.




Why MEDER Tour Guide Systems?

Rely on the No. 1 

   of sound quality !               

Only if the sound quality fits, 

the investment fulfills its purpose

to raise the satisfaction of 

your visitors.


  Individual Solutions        

Are possible regarding Software, devices

and charging possibilities

•  We are the manufacturer!

Our products are in-house developments

„Everything from one Partner“.


  Made in Germany

with 5 Years Warranty!

„Contains what it says“

Our products are manufactured

in our production in Singen am

Hohentwiel in Germany.

•  Cheap exchange of the

    rechargeable batterie!

Due to the usage of

commercial rechargeable batteries

in contrast to other devices there is

no need of rebuying special

rechargeable batteries that are



After our 5 years warranty we offer

an repair service.

MEDER Multimedia Guide: SmartGuide, AudioGuide 2.0
Example of an audio application

It can also be used purely as an AudioGuide system, where visitors can use a multimedia guide to independently tour the factory, the city or the museum and receive all the necessary information about the Multimedia Guide using text, video, image or audio information.

A simple structured application makes the playback of soundtracks possible. It will display a list of audio contributions that can be started, paused or restarted. Each audio contribution can be provided with a preview image, a title and a number.

The interface of the app can be adjusted in terms of title, logo and accent color. The adjustments are controlled by a content manager, which is easy to use even without specialist knowledge.

During the group tour, the visitor does not have to forego the unique anecdotes of the guides.
The SmartGuide is available both in the Basic (without group guide module) and Classic (with group guide module) version, which makes verbal group guidance possible in parallel.



MEDER Multimedia Guide navigation
Multimedia Guide: SmartGuide Navigation




Thanks to indoor and outdoor navigation, it is possible to fix the points of interest (POIs). Upon reaching a point, the corresponding information is automatically played or made available to the guide for approval.


The MEDER SmartGuide combines personal guidance system, audio guide and multimedia guide:


  •     AudioGuide: Independent exploration of works, cities or museums
  •     VisualGuide: interactions and visual support





Multimedia Guide: SmartGuide


  • Digital Data transmission
  • Efficient and varied options for guided tours and visits
  • Simple content management system
  • Bluetooth, GPS and WLAN capable
  • Navigation via GPS / beacons
  • Automated content transfer possible
  • Adaptation to corporate design possible


Product types:


SmartGuide Basic



More information about our earphones, Headsets, charging- and storage cases can be found at Accessories. Individualization of the devices to your Corporate Identity is possible.





We will gladly prepare an individual offer according to your conditions (incl. App design if needed),
give you an on-site product presentation of our multimedia Guides and / or leave you our tour guide system for a free trial.




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