MEDER CommTech GmbH

Rental of Tour Guide Systems

We have a big stock of Tour Guide System devices in a prime condition to meet the needs of all of our customers. No matter if you need a small number large number of tour guide headsets for an event or if you are interested in long term rental of our Tour Guide Systems - we can make it happen!


We check every device before delivery and after receipt to make sure that everything runs smooth during your rental.

We offer different types of Wireless Tour Guide Systems for rental with small or big number and rental periods of one day to several months.

Tour Guide System rental
Tour Guide System transmitter and receiver

We offer:

  • Delivery all over europe and retrieval to or from your desired address
  • Any number of tour guide receivers and transmitters
  • Any desired term of lease
  • No more difficulties in understanding
  • Reliable equipment
  • Up to 30 channels at the same time
  • Unlimited group size
  • Range of up to 200m
  • Suitable for hearing impaired people
  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • High operating period of up to 35 hours
  • Frequency can be used Europe-wide


Rent model:

  • Short-time -> for Events, plant tours or city tours
  • Long term rental-> for cruises, travel agencies, plant tours
  • Season rental -> for a season or as a trial period



Rental of headsets for personal guided tours

Our headsets for personal guided tours can be used at city tours, plant tours, a guided museum tour and more. Even whisper interpreting is possible. The rental of our Tour Guide Systems is very comfortable as we offer a wide range of different Tour Guide Systems and are also flexible to your needs in size and duration of the rental.


Mobile and flexible with a rental of Tour Guide Systems

The rental of Tour Guide System offers you a flexible and mobile usage everywhere and anytime. You receive exactly the amount of devices you need. The headsets for guided tours consist of a Tour Guide transmitter for the guide and the Tour Guide receiver with headsets for the customers/visitors. The contributions of the guide are transmitted to the participants in optimal quality. At the same time, the language is easy to understand, even with background or secondary noises such as street noise or production noise. You can use it for small or large groups and also for translation in other languages.


Best condition and always ready for use

The rental of the Tour Guide headsets has several advantages. On the one hand, the devices are available anytime, anywhere and ready for use.

This means that customers do not need a long preparation time. The devices of MEDER CommTech are always in a well-maintained, perfect condition. In the warehouse, quality controls and functional tests are constantly carried out.Thus, when renting the passenger guidance systems, the batteries and rechargeable batteries are always fresh or charged. In addition, the systems are thoroughly hygienically cleaned before each rental of our passenger guidance systems.

We take the preparation from you, so that you can focus on the event and start immediately. Another advantage of leasing the Tour Guide headsets is the cost savings. Companies can rent and return the devices as needed. So companies do not need resources for storage, maintenance and the like and save a lot of money for an expensive purchase. This is especially the case if the devices are needed only occasionally.