MEDER CommTech GmbH


MEDER CommTech– since 1980 this name stands for excellent voice transmission quality and services that are adjusted to the customer needs. Behind this long lasting success of our company stands a special company philosophy and common values that determines our daily work. The visionary thinking moves us to reach always the next milestone and thus ensures a sustainable growing of our family owned company. For this every employee is asked to bring in their ideas and creativity. To demand and to support is a firm component of our corporate culture. To act optimistic, responsible and in mutual respect are lived guidelines.

Demand and support performance
In the middle of the business live at MEDER CommTech is always the human. To be inquisitive and dynamic, to fill out new rooms, that is the daily standard at MEDER CommTech. This includes the will of every employee to act optimistic and with full engagement for the company, to take new challenges with dynamic and to realize their targets. At the same time our employees have a lot of free spaces to develop creativity and to put their ideas into practice. Responsible tasks should be delegate as far as possible. That means: the bigger the success the more free spaces will be given. Outstanding performances will be counted and honoured.Because we are striving for perfection in every part of our work.

Tackle new tasks
MEDER CommTech understands the support of their employees as an basic requirement and important task to ensure our future existing. This begins with the start into the working life when we offer a qualified training to our trainees.

Lifelong learning

We want to fascinate our customers again and again. For this we need qualified and engaged employees. MEDER CommTech offers his employees different possibilites to develop theirselves.

The employees of MEDER CommTech work responsible and in mutual respect. They are acting straight and reliable. Our most important word while working together is „Thank you“. Because we considerung appreciation and recognition for good performance as an naturally basis to improve successfull our company.

Business activities means to act forward-looking. MEDER CommTech feel theirselves commit to this since 1980.  This includes of course our core business, the handling of our customers and employees and also our responsibility for the society.


We are committed passionately for our customers: Because we are not only want to satisfy you but even to get you enthusiastic about our products. Especially the near to the customer positioned Sales, the related service orientation and quality niveau at highest position makes out our products and services. We work continuously on solutions  that support our customers in their daily working life. Perfection in every step is one our most important principles. We have only one target: To find the perfect solution for every single customer.


As an responsible acting employer MEDER CommTech invests sustainable into the training and further education of our employees and places with it an important cornerstone for the future of the company and its employees.


As an „good citizen“ in the society we are engaged for different social projects and donor in the past for flood victims in Germany and for the victims of the Tsunami 2004.


It is necessary to take care of the environment because it is our habitat and that means it is our most valuable asset. Because of this we operate in full observance oft he RoHS guidelines, dispose our batteries and rechargeable batteries with the GR system in Germany, we use  only packages that has the FSC certification we dispose our trash from specialized companies with the right certification for it. The electric power that MEDER CommTech uses comes from the own solar modules that are placed on the top of the company building.


MEDER CommTech is the biggest manufacturer of Guiding Systems, wireless communication systems and location systems in Germany. What drives us? We love selling. We want not only to satisfy our customers we even want to awake their enthusiasm with solutions that make their daily working life easier and helps them to impress their clients. We move on with everything successful and take new challenges – optimistic, dynamic and consequently.