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Museums and exhibitions

Make your guided museum tour to an unforgettable experience with our visitor guidance system. With our devices, you are able to make sure that none of the lots of important information can get lost due to difficulties in understanding.Find out more about our Multimedia Guides and our Audio Guide Systems


Why MEDER Tour Guide Systems?

Rely on the No. 1 

   of sound quality !               

Only if the sound quality fits, 

the investment fulfills its purpose

to raise the satisfaction of 

your visitors.


  Individual Solutions        

Are possible regarding Software, devices

and charging possibilities

•  We are the manufacturer!

Our products are in-house developments

„Everything from one Partner“.


  Made in Germany

with 5 Years Warranty!

„Contains what it says“

Our products are manufactured

in our production in Singen am

Hohentwiel in Germany.

•  Cheap exchange of the

    rechargeable batterie!

Due to the usage of

commercial rechargeable batteries

in contrast to other devices there is

no need of rebuying special

rechargeable batteries that are



After our 5 years warranty we offer

an repair service.


Museums - calm and informative is the trump card

In order to create a pleasant atmosphere, it often helps when the communication of individual persons proceeds in a dignified manner. Interested parties can learn about the subject of the museum and consume relevant information without any problems. Often there are original video or sound recordings, which are shown to the visitors. In large rooms with screens and loud speakers, this can quickly get in the way and visitors have to wait until the next performance begins. Our audio guides support museums specifically to avoid problems of this kind.

Guided museum tour for large groups

School classes, coffee trips and motley visitors are all potential groups interested in a museum tour.
Providing these groups with equal access to important museum information is one of the challenges museums face everyday. Our Multimedia Guide: SmartGuide or our TravelGuide Systeme offer great opportunities to share important information directly with the participants in the group. Especially the SmartGuide system is suitable for a wide range of information. The connection between the GroupGuide system and the VisualGuide system provides a wealth of potential information that can be shared. And the guides can also benefit directly, as the task is greatly simplified. The amplification of the spoken word makes it much easier to pass on the information and all participants of the large group are reached. In addition, the group size can be specified completely independently of our systems, since unlimited group sizes are possible. Another advantage of museum tours is the easy way to ask questions and to prepare specific questions and answers for all participants.

Independent exploration possible

Museum tours are often tied to guides, but there are also opportunities to explore the exhibition independently. Our systems help and make it possible for even small groups and individuals to receive the same information. For this, the information must be spoken in advance, however, so that the work is largely done and the operators and guests can equally benefit from our systems. Even international
guests can be looked after quite easily with our Multimedia Guides, if with a little more effort, translations of the respective content are made available.

Advantages of rent for museum tours

Museums and exhibitions are rarely permanent and long-term in nature. The budget is often limited. In order to be able to make good use of our systems, rent is one of the options for our customers. The size of the entire system and the rental period can easily be set in advance to allow museum tours in the desired period.


Museum tours offer incredible potential to give visitors a great experience. MEDER CommTech communication technology makes it easy to upgrade tours. Museum tours are made easier with our various visitor and guide systems, and independent visits are also available for guests. If you are interested in the museum guidance systems, you are in the right place at MEDER CommTech.