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Hearing Assistance

Intrusion-free Hearing in schools, churches, cinemas, theatres or stadiums is easily achieved with our TourGuide System and TravelGuide System. The commentaries are intensified acoustically, making use of an induction loop. Guests with hearing aides can follow the commentaries effortlessly and always understand every word. Even at loud sports events, speech is transmitted in very high quality due to an extremely noise-eliminating microphone.

MEDER Induction Loop
MEDER Induction Loop

Hearing support - different purposes, always suitable


Misunderstandings and missing information must be avoided in every situation. This is not so easy in large groups or at large events. Our claim at MEDER CommTech is to eliminate these problems. While our devices are highly specialized, they are designed to serve a wide range of purposes and give
you great freedom of use. You will therefore get an insight into our technology in terms of hearing support in the following paragraphs.

Not just designed for a purpose, but universally applicable

The MEDER TravelGuide System is very flexible. So it is often used for a variety of guides and offers a combination of visual impressions and hearing-aid information. For example, our customers can use this principle as an organizer. During events or guided tours, there is often a high level of background noise that has to be blanked out. This is easily possible with our system. Especially in large crowds communication can be limited. In educational institutions, the consequences are particularly tragic.
But not only from the point of view of the participants or recipients is the technology we offer helpful.

So the authors of this information can benefit from the simple system. The information can be transmitted pleasantly in a quiet voice and constant demands due to lack of understanding are more related to content than sound. As a result, MEDER CommTech hearing aids are suitable for a wide range of applications.

This is how the hearing aid works

Our hearing support is based on the simple principle that a guide can speak the content into the Tour Guide System transmitter and then other users hear that content over the Tour Guide System receiver. This is useful at events / tours, as a large group of people is easily achieved. Due to the high wearing comfort and the simple operation, our hearing aids are therefore convenient and practical for everyone. Some settings can then be easily adapted by the user, so that the already high voice quality of the hearing aids is also transmitted in the correct volume.

Hearing aids: Also combinable with hearing aids

The understanding is already severely limited in loud and crowded events / stadiums anyway. It is often almost impossible for people with hearing impairments to understand what has been said. Therefore, functioning hearing support is especially important for limited people. In addition to being able to simply increase the volume of the device, we also offer devices for end users with hearing aids.
Thanks to our single-tube induction loop, our systems can be connected to a hearing aid with a few quick and easy settings.

Special service from MEDER CommTech

In addition to our high-quality products, there are a few other special services available. These include, for example, the unbeatable price of our hearing aids. You can order anywhere in Europe in any quantity and receive our products in a timely manner. Thanks to the high quality, we can confidently offer you a five-year guarantee on hearing aids, from which you also benefit.

Final conclusion


MEDER CommTech provides hearing support for a wide range of practical uses. If you want to learn more get in contact with us!