Guided tour with MEDER Tour Guide System

Visitor guidance system

Visitor guidance system


Organize plant tours with a visitor guidance system from MEDER CommTech


With a factory tour, you have the opportunity to expand your customer branding and / or to convince business partners of your product. To make sure that nothing goes wrong and the visitors can understand every word comfortably, many companies, from large brands to medium-sized
companies, already rely on our visitor guidance system called MEDER TourGuide System. Make sure your visitors understand each word accurately, no matter how loud the ambient noise may be!



Provide comprehensive impressions in the production with a visitor guidance system


Thanks to the professional visitor guidance systems from MEDER CommTech, it is easy for companies to offer factory tours. The reason for this is the long experience in the development of our optimized TourGuide systems, which benefits you. With these systems, boring and monotonous tours through the plant are a thing of the past.





Highly automated - offering factory tours with Tour Guide systems from MEDER CommTech


The preparation of guided tours and the support here without technical support, is associated with a lot of effort for guides. We offer solutions with our uncomplicated and time-saving visitor guidance systems. Insight into production can help convince customers of the product. During guided tours, participants are guided through specific sections of the factory floor and thus gain insights into the
respective production steps. The practical solutions from MEDER CommTech relieve the guide immensely and make the guided tours for the participants significantly more interesting and instructive.


                                                                                  Usage of a Multimedia Guide 

One of our factory guidance systems is the SmartGuide system. It is one of the most practical yet flexible ways to
offer factory tours. The system has several design options.






TourGuide System


Before the development of passenger guidance systems so-called tour guide systems, the question came up, how tours with large groups can
be made equally exciting for all participants. The TourGuide system is based on a guide that passes on the information live on site to
the visitors of the factory tour.

It is different, however, that the participants receive the information via headphones. The setting of the desired volume is thus
possible without the guide having to strain his speech. Use in noisy production halls is also possible with a visitor guidance system
from MEDER CommTech. Therefore, the TourGuide system is the appropriate solution for guided tours in large groups.