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Guided Factory Tours/ Guided plant tours

Organize plant tours with a Tour Guide system from MEDER CommTech


With the Tour Guide System- or the Multimedia Guide: SmartGuide you have a variety of ways to make guided tour through your plant unique. In addition to the usual hearing support, you are able to set specific information material such as soundtracks, videos, texts, and images at the push of a button or automatically via an indoor or outdoor navigation, while using our new generation of guiding systems, the Multimedia Guide.


Why MEDER Tour Guide Systems?

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Provide comprehensive impressions in the production


Thanks to the specialized technology from MEDER CommTech it is easy for companies to offer Guided plant tours. The reason for it lies in the long experience in the development of our optimized Tour Guide Systems, which benefits you. With these wireless guiding systems boring and monotonous tours thorugh a plant are a thing of the past. As a result, we would like to show you what options  group guiding system are available.


Highly automated – Plant tours with a Tour Guide System from MEDER CommTech


The preparation of factory tours without technical support, is associated with a lot of effort for guides. We offer solutions with our uncomplicated and time-saving visitor guiding systems. Insights into the production can help convince customers of your product. During the factory tour, participants are guided through specific sections of the plant and thus gain insights into the respective production steps. The practical solutions like the digital tour guide system from MEDER CommTech relieve the guide immensely and make the guided tours for the participants significantly more interesting and instructive.


                                                                                  Find out more about our Multimedia Guide

One of our systems for guided plant tours is the Multimedia Guide SmartGuide System. It is one of the most practical and flexible ways to offer factory tours. There are several design options with this multimedia guide. The classic tour, in which a guide passes on information to the participants, can be implemented with ease. It is just as easy to offer the participants of the factory tour an even better experience by visually supporting the tour. Videos and photos about the history of
the factory, the origin of the raw materials and insights into the machines are just some of the selected possibilities that open up for you. A special highlight of the SmartGuide system is the possibility to let participants completely explore the factory alone. Fixed routes can save valuable time and manpower without creating a worse experience for the participants.


Usage of a TourGuide System


Before the development of the TourGuide Systems the question came up, how tours with large groups can be made equally exciting for all participants. The TourGuide system is based on a
guide that passes on the information live on site to the visitors of the factory tour. This is the normal procedure for classic factory

The difference is that the participants now receive this information via headphones. Setting the desired volume is thus possible without the guide having to change his own tonality when talking. The use in noisy production halls is also possible with this technology from MEDER CommTech. That's why the TourGuide system is the appropriate solution for factory tours in large groups.





Individualization possible


Companies have many options for an individualized product. One of them is the use of the Corporate Design on our devices. As a result, the impression of the factory tour becomes much more professional, the participants feel very well looked after.
Even with special requests and changes regarding product requirements, further options are available. You can easily comment on
special ideas and agree with us.




Offering factory tours is a great way for companies and their customers to gain insight into production and, on the other hand, maintain it. Without technical support, this task is often associated with difficulties. The tours seem either quite monotonous or too large groups
make it difficult to pass on the information to all participants in an appropriate form. Visual support makes the tours more interesting and the transmission of the spoken word on headphones guarantees flawless communication. If you are interested in the appropriate systems
for plant tours, we at MEDER CommTech are the right address and offer the right product for every type of tour - just contact us by phone +49 7731 9113220 or visit us in Singen. We look forward to hearing from you!