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It doesn´t matter if you have a guided factory tour, a museum tour or a city tour - with our range of professional Tour Guide Systems you will find the perfect equipment to create unforgettable moments.

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When you are talking to a group, the spoken word is the most important asset!

If a guide has to speak at the factory, city or museum tour in large rooms, in noisy areas or to larger groups, the audibility and thus the quality of the guidance often suffers. If the participants have to make an effort to understand the guide, the guide will certainly not fulfill their intended purpose. Without technical aids, the tour will be negatively remembered by many participants.
This is certainly something you want to prevent. Because hearing badly is almost worse than not hearing anything. The key to a successful guidance lies right in front of you.


In terms of quality and ease of use, the personal guidance systems from MEDER CommTech receive the full score.


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Our passenger guidance systems offer high wearing comfort and best sound quality

Our tour guide systems can be used on up to 30 channels simultaneously. Both the guide and the participants are happy about the high wearing comfort of our tour guide systems. The speaker has both hands available during the lecture in order to  show on interesting or important things. The headset makes this possible. The sensitivity of the tour guide system is adjustable. Even in large groups and in very noisy environment, the speaker does not have to raise his voice and still can be understood. This is made possible by the noise canceling microphone. The MEDER-CommTech Tour Guide System are available either with battery or rechargeable batteries. The intelligent charging technology also ensures that the device is quickly available again.

The MEDER Tour Guide System supports you in conferences and trainings.

The MEDER Tour Guide System is also indispensable for conferences and trainings. There is usually a small whirring in the air at such conferences. It is the expectation of what will come. The larger the group, the more likely a speech will be disturbed by the ringing of a cell phone or by supposedly quiet conversations among the participants. Without the right technique, the speaker has to speak out to be heard anyway. However, depending on how the room in which the training or conference takes place, it will be difficult for the last rows to understand everything. So that every participant has the opportunity to receive all information, we
recommend using the MEDER-Tour Guide system. The system's microphone picks up only the voice of the speaker and transports it to the participants. The sound quality always stays the same even at long distances. As an organizer, you ensure that both your instructors and the registered participants feel comfortable. An important factor for more customer satisfaction. Tour guide systems are known under many terms such as group guide system, visitor guidance system, wireless guidance systems, headset for guides and much more.

Even while traveling, organizers rely on our tour guide systems.

Imagine, you are on a journey of discovery. Whether in a bus on a city tour or on a cruise. If you have invested money in this trip, you want to get as much as possible for it. This is how your customers are doing. To make the trip you are looking for, you should rely on the MEDER CommTech tour guide systems. Indulge your guests with outstanding sound quality even when it is louder.

The wind, the hum of the engines or the quiet conversations of the other guests completely fades out with the microphone we use. The only thing the guests hear is the voice of the tour guide. You hear how he reports from the highlights of the place. The rails of the history of the villages. Learn where the exhibition just came from. Your guests will return home full of new inspirations and memories.

They will enthusiastically talk about what they have seen and what they have heard and experienced through you. This will create the best conditions to be recommended. Find out now without obligation about our personal guidance system MEDER TourGuide System and our other radio control systems such as Multimedia Guide etc. Offer your guests excellent sound quality with our Tour Guide Systems.