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With our new product family MEDER Interpreter System we will not only satisfy the needs of the market we will even set new standards. Our Interpreting Systems were developed to reduce the daily requirements on the interpreters and to make their daily work lifer easier.

The TourGuideSystem is the centerpiece

Our TourGuideSystem can be used in a variety of ways and also acts as an interpreter system at conferences and at trade fairs. It is not always easy to hold a conference or fair in the international language English. The more specialized the conference or trade fair is, the more its participants will reach their language limits. Moreover, by using their national language, foreign participants are at least
subconsciously given a feeling of being welcome. The functionality of our TourGuide system is simple. The interpreter speaks from any location in the transmitter and the participants of the conference receive the words at each location on the conference.

As an organizer, you benefit in many ways from the use of our TourGuideSystem: In addition to the elimination of the language barrier, you ensure that each participant receives the same information. As a small plus, our TourGuideSystem allows people with impaired hearing to participate in your conference or exhibition. Our personal guidance systems are compatible with every common hearing aid (T-coil must be present).

The advantages of TourGuideSystems

Of course, the costs for such a system is also relevant for a conference or conference. That's why, as a professional in communications technology, we offer our TourGuide system for rent. Nevertheless, you benefit from the latest technology. Both your interpreters and the participants benefit from the unproblematic handling of our system. Your participants are satisfied, especially because you can offer
several languages ​​at the same time. There are no restrictions on the size of the group, and the voice transmission quality is excellent even in noisy environments. The operation is simple and intuitive for everyone involved. The operating time of up to 35 hours allows you to use it over several conference days.