Mountain rescue

GPS and RescueRadar

RescueRadar in customs and police operations

Localizing living beings and identifying impending danger is our mission. RescueRadar accurately detects hidden people, because the system is able to perceive even minor mechanical movements such as caused by vital functions like heartbeat and breathing. RescueRadar BR502w (LifeSense Radar) is ideally suited for customs authorities to detect hidden people in vehicles or enclosed spaces und thus to identify potential danger even before entering the space or opening the vehicle. It’s compact design makes it easy to transport and can therefore used even in difficult terrain.


  • detecting trapped people (earth quakes, avalanches)
  • detecting people in cars (automatic car parks)
  • detecting hidden people in cars and trucks (customs, prisons)
  • detecting movements in underground non-metallic channels or hollow areas

Accessories for RescueRadar:

Carrying device

For more information please see the flyer for our RescueRadar.

MEDER Rescue Radar
Rescue Radar with dog support
Rescue Radar in backpack
GPS tracking