Smart Guide factory tours

Turn your factory tours into a unique experience for your visitors, customers and business partners. MEDER SmartGuide combines innovative technology with the most modern design. Offer the participants of your factory tours more than a common guided tour. Through Virtual Reality Tours, your customers will get an insight into production processes that are difficult to access, for example inside big machines. Interactive maps of the factory premises, the display of special offers of your factory outlet or the visual support of guided tours - MEDER SmartGuide has it all.

It is also possible to use the SmartGuide as an AudioGuide System, where the visitors independently tour a predefined area of the factory, receiving pertinent information via audio and video files. Ibeacons helps you to accurately define the Points of Interest (POIs), so that the corresponding file is automatically made available and/or activated once a point is being approached. 

We are happy to show you the wide range of advantages offered by our SmartGuide. Do not hesitate to contact us any time.

MEDER SmartGuide unites:

  • GroupGuide-System: group tour conducted by a guide
  • AudioGuide-System: independent factory, city or museum tours
  • VisualGuide-System: visually supported tours

The advantages:

    • Workload reduction for the plant managers
    • Interesting possibilities to design your tours in new ways
    • User-friendly operation
    • multilingual
    • long battery life
    • Automated content transfer in the charging station
    • Adaptation to Corporate Design

    Further information and technical details can be found on our Flyer SmartGuide System