TravelGuide System

Our TravelGuide System makes difficulties in understanding during city tours a thing of the past. Be assured that your visitors will clearly understand the guide’s explanations, even if the size of the group is large. Each participant individually sets the volume that is comfortable to him/her. A clear understanding is ensured even across considerable distances and in areas with a high level of background noise. Using the TravelGuide System, any questions arising during the city tour can conveniently be asked and answered with all participants listening in.

It will be a pleasure for us to introduce the functional principle and further details at your premises.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your advantages:

  • Clear understanding in areas with a high level of background noise
  • Outstanding voice transmission quality
  • Satisfied participants
  • Up to 15 channels simultaneously
  • Unlimited group size
  • Range up to 200m
  • Suitable for hearing-impaired people
  • Easy to handle
  • Long operating time of up to 35 hours

Further information and technical details can be found on our Flyer TravelGuide System.