Stadiums / Events

For people with a disability it is possible to follow the commentaries at events in stadiums, at conferences and lessons at educational institutions. These systems are already in use by people with sight impairments, at sports events and activities.

MEDER TravelGuide System
- your ideal and inexpensively companion for guided tours

Whether if it is a guided tour through a city, a museum, a trip during a cruise or the visit of sight seeings, with our TravelGuide System your event will be an unforgetable and unique experience for your visitors. We are convinced of the high quality of our products and due to this fact we grant every customer 5-years quality guarantee.

  • Brilliant transmission quality
  • High comfort of wear
  • Easy to use
  • 15 channels can be used simultaneously
  • No need to raise the voice even in loud environment
  • By wearing a headset you are additionally able to show on things
  • Extremely noise-eliminating microphones
  • Noise sensitivity level can be chosen
  • Intelligent charging technology
  • Ordinary battery usage or rechargeable battery usage possible