GPS and RescueRadar

Wireless GPS-Tracker

Knowledge of the whereabouts of emergency personnel and vehicles is crucial. GPS-people-tracking makes the coordination of complex situations in darkness, fog and in uneven terrain considerably easier. Our wireless GPS-Tracker gives a real-time overview of all emergency personnel equipped with a transmitter.


  • tracking and following emergency personnel, rescue dogs and vehicles
  • real-time documentation and coordination of emergency personnel
  • effective debriefing based on saved data

For more information please see the flyer for our GPS-Tracker (german version only).

Reference: Project Quo Canis

Our GPS-Tracker was recently re-developed in close cooperation with DRV e.V. rhs westallgäu. Their dog unit successfully tested our radiolocation system for real-time and post documentation of man trailing operations, water detection etc.

QuoVadis Software GmbH provided us with high-quality maps for a clear presentation of the GPS data.